Victor Zhdanov
Viktor Zhdanov (b. 1992, Stary Oskol) is a Moscow-based artist and independent curator. He holds a Bachelor's degree in graphic design from Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture, a Master's in Pedagogics from HSE Art and Design School, and a degree from the Baza Institute. Zhdanov has participated in the Tirana International Biennale of Graphic Art, as well as in the shows at the Elektrozavod gallery (Moscow), Winzavod CCA (Moscow), the Chicory Center for Contemporary Art (Zheleznogorsk), HSE ART GALLERY (Moscow), the Voronezh Center for Contemporary Art (Voronezh). As a curator, he has overseen multiple projects, founded the Microbiennale of Horizontal Initiatives, and penned articles for aroundart, Moscow Art Magazine, and the portal.

Varvara Grankova
Varvara Grankova, born in Moscow in 1988, graduated from the National Design Institute and continued her artistic education at School of Contemporary Art "Free Workshops" apart from ongoing musical training since youth. Been exhibiting her works since 2012, she had her first solo exhibition "Nonviolence" in MMOMA in 2018.

Varvara is interested in social issues, with ecology, trauma and feminism as major themes in her work. Using a combination of installations, graphics, digital art and performance – where the use of her voice stands out – she is able to bring out different facets of these issues with a refreshing vitality and sense of urgency. Another distinguishing feature of her work is the use of crowd sourced materials and stories that are then recast in new forms.

The winner of special sustainable art of Arte Laguna prize 2021, finalist of Arte Laguna 2020, winner of Arte Laguna 2021, winner of the Tretyakov Prize, participant of the first Feminale of Contemporary Art.

The artists works are in the MMOMA collection.


2020-2021 «BAZA» Winzavod
2019 Participation in the «Open Studios» program, Winzavod
2016-2017 Art philosophy. Garage Education Center
2015-2016 School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops»
2010-2012 MPGU (Moscow State Pedagogical University) School of Music in the class of cello and vocal
2005-2011 National Institute of Design, Department of Art&Design, artistic director Mikhailov Boris


2020-2021 Performance Artistic Research Lab, HSE+Goldsmiths University of London
2019 Metamorphosis. Goethe institut Kiev, Ukraine, Berlin, Germany
2019 «Post-playwright». Theater «Practice»
2019 Dance and Performance Lab «Dislocation» Culture House ZIL
2019 Poema Theatre. Solyanka gallery
2018 Workshop on Contemporary Dance and Dance Writing. Garage Education Center
2017 Intense in modern dance. Educational center MMOMA



2021 «Burqa» Piazza dei Signori, 4passi festival, Treviso, Italy
2021 «Vestments» Vyksa museum of history (was not open for public)
2021 «Waiting» Bomba Gallery (With Mitry Grankov)
2018 «Nonviolence», MMOMA
As part of the «Debut» program


2021 «Radici». Rechsteiner vinery, Oderzo, Italy
2021 «Can't see violence anymore» Milano, Italy
2021 Arte Laguna prize. the Nappe of the Arsenale Nord in Venice. Italy
2021 «Alterglobalizm». Belyaevo gallery
2020 Coscoscow art fair, Balcony gallery
2020 «Alternative reality», Nochlezhka
2019 First Feminalle of contemporary art. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
2019 Art fem fest «-KA». Winzavod
2019 «Dysmorphophobia» MMOMA (as part of the ROI group)
2019 «Faith in a Deep Crisis», Victoria Gallery, Samara
2019 «These waking dreams», Tula Regional Art Museum (as part of the ROI group)
2019 International Festival of Digital Arts Videoformes, Center for Creative Industries «Fabrika»
2019 «Moscow Conceptualism. Link» ARTPLAY
2018 «Hair, my precious» MMOMA (as part of the ROI group)
2017 «Guilty!» MMOMA
2017 «Between us. The space of memories» MMOMA
2017 «Personal Connections» MMOMA
2017 «Procrastination» MMOMA
2016 «Portraits of happy people» VZ Gallery on Taganka
2016 «Feet in the water, head in the clouds», Zdes Gallery, Taganka
2016 «City to artists, artists to the city» Moscow Museum
2015 «Motto-Slogan-Tag» Center for Creative Industries Fabrika
2012 «The Triumph of Caissa. Dedication to Marcel Duchamp» State Tretyakov Gallery, Krymsky Val


2020 Coscoscow art fair, Balcony gallery
2019 «Red Voice» Meta Culture (Collaboration with Rosemary loves a blackberry), Kiev, Ukraine
2019 «Post-playwright». Theater «Practice»
2019 «Dislocation» Culture House ZIL
2019 «Red Voice» Winzavod (Collaboration with Rosemary loves a blackberry)
2019 «Dysmorphophobia» MMOMA, Petrovka 25 (as part of the ROI group)
2019 «Scroll», DK
2019 «Poetry of parts», Solyanka gallery (Poemateatre)
2015 «Motto-Slogan-Tag» Center for Creative Industries «Fabrika» (With Mitriy Grankov)


2021 Winner of Arte Laguna special prize
2020 Winner of open call "Digital Dreams" by Cultural Creative Agency Qatar-Russia (as part of the ROI group)
2020 Finalist in Arte Laguna prize
2018 Winning in Tretyakovprize grand prize. Project @nenasilie


2021 Art residence «Vyksa»
2019 Lesnoe, 11
2019 Participation in the «Open Studios» program, Winzavod


2021 COSMOSCOW ART FAIR "The Art and Practice of Hospitality"

2021 Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art & International Festival of Videoart NOW&AFTER (as part of the ROI group)
2019 Radio Hopes and Dreams – Let ́s Talk about Climate, baby! GARAGE, Moscow
2019 Discussion about women in the music industry and performance as a feminist art practice, Kiev, Ukraine
2019 Gender Equality Discussion, Republic, Moscow


2021 EcoGiornale numero 19 citta sostenibili (printed magazine)
2021 Art MUSE 7 | 2021
2021 silent and bright performances of Russian women artists. media utopia
2021 Garage museum archive
2020 Portraits on the Balcony
2020 Cultural isolation
2019 BENTO: Protest gegen häusliche Gewalt in Russland: "Uns wird gesagt, wir wollten Familienwerte zerst ren"
2019 KHROMADSKE TV 2 Years After #MeToo: Domestic Violence in Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan Through Artists' Eyes
2019 Your art
2019 Knife Media
2019 Cosmoscow mag
2018 Fraction. Interview
2018 So it goes. Interview

Anton Gudkov
Anton Gudkov (b.1987, Omsk, Russia) favours a variety of media and techniques, including abstract graphics, painting, collage, objects, and found materials. Gudkov's solo shows were held at the CCI Fabrika (Archive, Moscow, 2021), the 'Omsk Art' State Museum (Exercises in the White Room, 2018). He also participated in the Point of Entry group show alongside Alexander Verevkin and Sergey Taushanov at the SPHERE Contemporary Art Foundation (formerly Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin, Moscow, 2020) and the Nemoskva project (The Manege Central Exhibition Hall, St Petersburg, 2020).

Diana Shliman
Diana Shliman (b. 1986) is a multidisciplinary artist from Novorossiysk, an alumna of Krasnodar University of Culture and Arts, student of the BAZA Institute of Contemporary art (2020–present). Currently based in Moscow.
In her practice, Shliman examines femininity through the optics of dark ontologies and psychoanalysis. Her preferred media and techniques include installation, ceramics, metal, painting, and sculpture.

Sofya Skidan
Sofya Skidan b. 1996 — Ukhta, Russia Lives and works in Moscow. She graduated from the Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television and Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. Works with installation, performance, sculpture and video. She explores ways of perceiving the world as information, questions about intuition and transformations, reflections on speculative history, and the spectator's visionary experience. Her work is a site-specific installation, in which artifacts of post-digital reality are combined with elements of a lost natural landscape, and Eastern spiritual practices with modern Western critical theory, reflecting the problems of our time. Tapping into the complexities of postcontemporary, Skidan raises questions around updated understandings of human and non-human identity within today's technogenic culture in the anthropocene.

Sofya Skidan was awarded with scholarship within the program of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in support of emerging artists 2019/2020, is winner of Black Box residency in the Meyerhold center, 2019, was nominated for Kuryokhin prize in the Best Visual Art Project nomination, 2018. She participated in Porto Design Biennale 2021, festivals Rosbank Future Cities and Archstoyaniye, 2021, 6 and 7th Moscow Youth Biennal as well as exhibition in State Darvin Museum, Garage Museum, Moscow Museum for Modern Art, Multimedia Art Museum, CCA Tipography (Krasnodar).

Katerina Lukina
Katerina Lukina (b. 1995, Mytishchi, Russia) is a Moscow-based artist. Alumna of the Moscow University of Printing Arts, Department of Graphic Arts (2019). Lukina has participated in group shows at the ISSMAG gallery, the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, the ZDES na Taganke gallery, as well as in international exhibitions in China, Slovakia, Poland.

Anton Pashutkin
Anton Pashutkin is a Moscow-based visual artist and painter, second-year student of the Baza Institute; has participated in a number of group exhibitions.

Andrey Dmitrenko
Andrey Dmitrenko (b. 1990, Vladivostok) is a visual artist who prefers to work in mixed media, contrasting the textures and characteristics of various materials. He works with textiles, embroidery, printed graphics and related media, as well as installations and video art.
He also took part in the Special project of the Moscow Biennale for Young Art.
Lives and works in Moscow.


2019 — 2021 Institute of Contemporary Art and Theory BAZA
2008 — 2014 Far Eastern Federal University, Graphic Design

Selected solo shows

2022 — I am both the wound and the sword. I am a delicate flower that has broken through this steel, Contemporary Art Gallery ALISA, Moscow
2021 — Shimmering cloud, Art Gallery ARKA, Vladivostok
2020 — Fragile depths, FFTN, Saint Petersburg
2019 — You're like a noise in this little landscape, Center for Contemporary Art ZARYA, Vladivostok
2018 — Wet stones thrown into the water column, Art Gallery ARKA, Vladivostok
2017 — Signals, Center for Contemporary Art ZARYA, Vladivostok
2016 — Memory of dust, Art Gallery ARKA, Vladivostok

Selected group shows

2022 — The Poetics of Space or House, as a place woven of poetic images, dreams and memories, Stary Oskol
2022 — 7.753:FOREST, Center for Contemporary Art Chudo, Kursk
2021 — Embrace, almost envelop, Contemporary Art Gallery ALISA, Moscow
2020 — Dream of the down, Center for Contemporary Art ZARYA, Vladivostok
2020 — Closed fish exhibition. Reconstruction,
Special project of the Moscow Biennale for Young Art,
Voznesensky center, Moscow
2020 — Support Group, special project of the Moscow Biennale for Young Art, in cooperation with CUBE Moscow, Moscow
2019 — Morskaya, Center for Contemporary Art ZARYA, Vladivostok
2019 — Cosmoscow Contemporary Art Fair, Center for Contemporary Art ZARYA booth, Moscow
2017 — Environment, Center for Contemporary Art ZARYA, Vladivostok
2017 — Noise through a dream, Vladivostok International Biennale of Visual Arts, Vladivostok
2017 — Rebels at the Edge, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
2016 — New poverty, in cooperation with Vladivostok School of Contemporary Art, Vladivostok
2015 — SOL, Art Museum of Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok
2014 — Funicular 5, Museum of Modern Art ARTETAGE, Vladivostok


2017 — Center for Contemporary Art ZARYA, Vladivostok


Works of Andrey Dmitrenko are in collections of Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Gallery of Contemporary Art ARKA, Center for Contemporary Art ZARYA, Art Museum of Far Eastern Federal University, as well as in a number of private collections.

Kirill Mikhailin
Multimedia artist; works with installation, objects, painting and drawing, techniques mixtes. Student of the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art BAZA. Participant of the Special Project of the VII Moscow Biennale of Young Art.
Lives and works in Moscow.


2019 — 2021 The Institute of Contemporary Art and and Theory BAZA, Moscow
2010 — 2016 The Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, Saint Petersburg

Selected group exhibitions

2022 7.753:FOREST | Center for Contemporary Art Chudo | Kursk
2021 Embrace, almost envelop | Contemporary Art Gallery ALISA | Moscow
2021 Arcanum | IP Vinogradov artist run space | Moscow
2020 Closed Fish Exhibition. Reconstruction | Special project VII Moscow Biennale for Young Art | Voznesensky Center | Moscow
2020 The support group art platform | Special project VII Moscow Biennale for Young Art | ART CENTER CUBE | Moscow
2020 VOPIs wake | Nepokorennie Open Studio's Gallery | St. Petersburg
2019 Basic set 1.0 | The Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin | Moscow
2019 exist/unknown | Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center | St. Petersburg
2019 SAM FAIR | Street Art Museum | St. Petersburg
2019 Apocalypse today | Performance | Manege Central Exhibition Hall | St. Petersburg
2018 Side effects | Nepokorennie Open Studio | St. Petersburg
2018 Garage Sale! | 7th Independent Contemporary Art Fair | St. Petersburg
2018 Tetris | Nepokorennie Open Studio | St. Petersburg
2018 Almost opened door | Performance | Nepokorennie Open Studio | St. Petersbur

Links and publications


2018 Nepokorennie Open Studio | Russia

Julia Shafarostova
Julia Shafarostova (b. 1991, Krasnodar) creates installations, works on paper and photographs, exploring the themes of identity and myth-making. In her works, she puts a great emphasis on the local context and situations and translates them into universal and accessible narratives.

Studied at the Khmel and Sukhoveeva School of Photography (Krasnodar) and KICA (Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art). Member of the Businki Art Collective. Participated in the Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art (Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 2020) and multiple group shows at the Typography Center for Contemporary Art (Krasnodar, 2018–2021).

German Lavrovsky
German Lavrovsky (b. 1995, Moscow) is an artist whose interests include queerness, care, reproduction, and the prototyping of the future. Starting out in fashion and codes of self-design and moving into postdigital plastic arts, Lavrovsky is interested in contemporary visual economies of gender and historical experiments with postnuclear family relationships. All of his work can be seen on public platforms and is open code and free of copyright. He lives and works in Moscow.


2017 — «Kartateka» Group exhibition, Moscow
2018 — Residency PROGR Switzerland
2018 — «Digital Landscape» Dreiviertel Bern, Switzerland
2019 — art research project «Reborn»
2019 — Conference «Resistance is fertile» Goldsmiths University — Department of Media, Communication and Cultural Studies — «Reborn» project presentation
2020 — Symposium «ALIEN PROCESSES: REPRODUCTION & TIME» in The New Centre Student Symposium — video documentation of game with «Reborn» presentation
2020 — GARAGE museum digital platform —
Game with Reborn
2020 — Arc Electronica
2020 — Panel «Queer Art & Censorship in Russia» — Department
of Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pennsylvania

Alexandra Demenkova
Alexandra Demenkova (b. 1980, Kingisepp, Russia) is a Russian photographer. She has participated in international photography festivals and exhibitions in Russia, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and other countries.

Her solo shows were held at the Contretype Center for Contemporary Photography (Brussels, Belgium), the Latvian Museum of Photography (Riga, Latvia) and other venues.

Demenkova's works can be found in the collections of CBK (Centrum Beeldende Kunst) Zuidoost (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal (The Hague, the Netherlands), Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), as well as in other public and private collections in Russia, Europe and the USA.

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