blazar 2022
Alisa Gallery presented works on vintage velvet paper and an object by Andrey Dmitrenko, paintings by Ksenia Finogeeva, and graphics on newsprint paper by Anton Gudkov at the Blazar Young Art Fair.

The booth, which combines figurative and abstract works, is dedicated to the idea of corporeality, for example, immediate, sensual and depicted realistically, as in the works of Finogeeva, who supervises the training of MMA wrestlers.

The body can be represented as a transfer - minimalist works by Dimitrenko showing the Soviet velvet paper with all its traces of time, wrinkles and stories, traces that the artist applies to the surface with a pencil, pigment or needle.

And finally, the soaring disembodied in Gudkov's work - in his graphics we see both the confused signs of automatic writing, and zoomorphic creatures, and landscape if he wants to work with perspective, and music if he turns to the idea of rhythm. Thus, Gudkov is capable of an artistic gesture «to revive» if not the body, then any line and point.

cosmoscow 2022
The booth of the gallery « Alisa » was presented with paintings by Kirill Mikhailin, sculptures by Diana Shliman and reliefs by Katerina Lukina in the section MAIN of the Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair.

The concept of the booth was about transformations in every sense of this process. There were works told stories about transformations from man to dog, from bread to the human body, and the language of modern art spoke of images of gothic architecture, mysticism, tradition and ritual.

cosmoscow 2021
Alisa gallery participated in the Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair.

Sophia Skidan work was presented in the "Created in Moscow" section there.

blazar 2021
Alisa gallery participated in the international fair of young art blazar at the Museum of Moscow.

There were presented the works of Julia Shafarostova, Sofia Skidan, Kirill Mikhailin and Andrey Dmitrenko, dedicated to how the landscape changes under the influence of the anthropological factor, and the optics of contemporary artists working with the themes of the environment and nature.

Like nature itself, the content and form of one of the most enduring definitions in the art world - "landscape", is changing.

cosmoscow 2020

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